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"Other religious traditions can claim absolute authority and infallibility, they can point to a book or a person or a creed that carries ultimate truth. Liberal religion does no such thing. We talk instead about the freedom of belief, the freedom of each individual to believe as his or her conscience demands. Faith cannot be coerced, it cannot be given by tradition; it must be uncovered afresh by each believer in each generation. We are always learning."

 ~ Rev. Douglas Taylor

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Why I Am Not A Believer

"There is truth in our stories, as well as exploration, and a connection to the line of past and future. When story becomes concretized into an unshakable belief or faith, however, humans run into trouble. We forget that the cosmos is in process. We forget that we don’t hold the whole truth, but only one facet of it."

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The Nerdfighter Online Video Workshop


There are three important ingredients to a good video…the writing, the performance, and the editing. Now, of course, lots of videos have those things blend together…sometimes I write while I film and sometimes while I edit (deciding to put stuff on screen or cut things (cutting is a huge part of writing) or even to go back and shoot something new.)

But while I once upon a time showed you a video of me editing…I’ve never shared anything about my writing process or my shooting process. So I’m gonna open the book as part of a larger project. Let’s call it the Nerdfighter Online Video Workshop.

It comes in three parts:

Check out the prompts (and guide) on my WattPad, here. Write scripts and share them on WattPad using the appropriate tags. Whether or not you are writing in the workshop, feel free to thoughtfully and conscientiously critique submissions (which you can find by searching for the appropriate tags) using WattPad comments.


  1. A long boring video of me writing a script
  2. A bunch of Vlogbrothers and SciShow scripts
  3. The prompts at WattPad
  4. Other People’s scripts

Check out the scripts (particularly the unpublished Vlogbrothers and SciShow scripts) and film (and ideally edit) your performance. Of course we understand that your software and hardware aren’t necessarily going to be top notch. Phone videos encouraged! Upload your video and name it “NOVW PERFORMANCE VIDEO *USERNAME*” with your username in place of *USERNAME*.

Whether or not you are making a video for the workshop feel free to search YouTube for “NOVW PERFORMANCE VIDEO” and thoughtfully and conscientiously critique performances. 


  1. A video of me unedited…so you can see that vloggers don’t just rattle off their scripts perfectly the first time.
  2. Various Vlogbrothers and SciShow scripts
  3. Other People’s Performances

Download this unedited Vlogbrothers video (there are lots of ways to download YouTube videos, this one works well for me), edit it however you want…do literally whatever you want to it, and then upload it with the title “EDITEDCOMMENTSVIDEO *USERNAME*” where *USERNAME* is your username. 

Whether or not you are uploading an edited video, feel free to search for videos in the editing workshop and thoughtfully and conscientiously critique them.


  1. A video of me editing a video for an hour
  2. An un-edited Vlogbrothers video
  3. Other peoples edits

Yes, I will be looking at this stuff…though probably not for a while because I’m going to be traveling a bit over the next week or two (or three). I’m very excited to see what comes of this. Please be helpful and thoughtful and encouraging to each other. I hope this is interesting and useful to you (and also to me.)

Also, tag all related content novw here on Tumblr or on YouTube or Twitter or wherever.

This is why we don’t yet have video…

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I am convinced that the soul of the white church has yet to be ashamed. It is not ashamed of slavery- it only dismisses it. It is not ashamed of Jim Crow - it only claims credit for ending it. It is not ashamed of incarceration rates - it only excuses it. It is not ashamed of ghettos - it pretends to have nothing to do with them. It is not ashamed of segregation - only silently benefits from it. There is no shame for who America has been. I believe that until there is collective shame for who white America has been to people of color, white America will not choose to be something else. If it is fine with who it is, it will continue to do what’s always done. Far from being offended by its own actions, instead white America- Christians included- remain offended by black bodies. This is what killed Trayvon and Renisha and Jordon and Eric and Michael. How dare black bodies resist the white will. How dare they fight back when a stranger chases. How dare they knock at 4am. How dare they not turn down the music when told. How dare they sell some cigarettes. How dare they walk in the middle of the street. How utterly offensive for black bodies to disobey whiteness.
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“A church is not a social club, a hospital wing, a political action center, or even a spiritual refuge,” he says. “Although all these disparate components are part of what a church is. Rather, healthy congregations are primarily sites for seeking and spreading the holy, however variously referenced by Unitarian Universalist guides….”

~ Growing a Beloved Community: Twelve Hallmarks of a Healthy Congregation By Tom Owen-Towle Published by skinnerhousebooks


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