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FAITHIFY is a crowdfunding site where passionate people FOLLOW, SHARE, and FUND Unitarian Universalist ministries.

There are only 2 projects on Faithify right now that haven’t met their goals. Please consider whether you can support either or both.

A summer camp for liberal religious families seeks donations to create a scholarship fund which can reduce the cost of registration for families in need.

The Unitarian Church of Norfolk needs help to move away from the rising tides and limited space which are stifling their growing congregation

As a Crowd-funded UU project ourselves, we cannot stress enough the importance of this model for building innovative grassroots campaigns which honor the democratic process and the free and responsible search for meaning that are core values of the Unitarian Universalist religious movement. Please remember that each of us is responsible for helping to make good things happen in the world. We won’t find the world filled with love, justice, and compassion by accident.

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"I’ve got good news!

…There is a place of faith where people can believe what their conscience calls them to believe, a place of hope that accepts both the responsibilities and possibilities of humankind, and a place of love, where all people are accepted for who they are and who they were created to be. That place is our Unitarian Universalist movement.”
~ Rev. Paul Britner

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Church Community Should Be Messy - OnFaith

This is short and requires some translation for UU use, but the core message is a great one that we need to consider: We talk a lot about welcoming, but are we willing to stretch our boundaries to make it happen?
"Church leaders: when we talk about community, let’s make room at the table for at least one person who might feel excluded or on the outside. It may mean our worship services and small groups will deal with awkward moments as we learn to listen and eventually, love each other. Let’s challenge ourselves to prioritize love over comfort.”

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How can we earn your participation?

Our goal is to help congregations and individual UUs to better share our liberal faith with pride, confidence, and joy. We do that through social media, informative blogging, and providing conversation-starting t-shirts, mugs, bags, and gifts. We want to continue to do this work that dozens of congregations and hundreds of UUs have come to count on, and we want to keep getting better at it. 
We need your help and support. We need you to share your ideas, stories, and links with us so that we can share the best UU content from all over on our social media. We need your comments on things we post, to know how to better serve the community that has grown up around this project. We need your financial support when you can spare it, to cover operational costs and fund our participation in training events and workshops. 
We are not sponsored by the UUA or any member congregation. We are a grass-roots effort to share Unitarian Universalism with the world. We cannot not do that without your involvement and support. You all have brought us a long way. We need your help if we are going to keep improving. This project is already a full-time job for our lead editor/administrator, and he doesn’t make anything from it so far. We’d like to change that, but it isn’t even our top priority.
Please share your comments about how we are doing and what we could do to better help you share your faith. Please tell us how we can earn your trust and your support. Help us become the movement that Unitarian Universalism needs.